Our Portfolio of Comprehensive Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Editing/Translations/Arabic calligraphy
  • Book production and preparation of annual reports
  • Modern digital printing


In today’s world, photography has become an essential and crucial means of communication and the distribution of information. A single stunning photo can be more expressive than hundreds of words. Since its founding, Desert Publisher has recognized the importance of photographic images and their effect on the viewer. It has subsequently made a pioneering effort to become the first publishing house on a national and Arab level to publish books in which photos play a major role as historical documents or as beautiful illustrations of the solid information they accompany.

Constantly aiming to communicate on an international level and to provide information about the cultural accomplishments of the Kingdom and the wealth of its social and natural resources in particular and Arab culture in general, Desert Publisher employs a team of international translators who have translated most of its books into more than nine major languages.

Desert Publisher stands alone in publishing internationally highly successful coffee table books focusing on tourism and everyday life in Saudi Arabia. This has made Desert Publisher the leading Arab publishing house in this sector.

Graphic Designs

Good materials alone are not enough to ensure an outstanding publication. Desert Publisher realizes the importance of design and attending to its every detail to produce genuinely creative and inspiring publications that go even beyond the expectations of its customers. The Desert Publisher graphic design team members rely on their extensive expertise and know-how in carrying out a variety of projects. Their creative designs are eye-catching with great attention to the specific interaction of colors and shapes. With their artistic sense and creative skills they come up with the most inventive and harmonious solutions that are sure to please. They are also proven experts in creating unique corporate identities that are true expressions of the nature of the company or organization they represent. Desert Publisher offers a full range of graphic design services, including:

  • Corporate identities and branding for companies and corporations
  • Design of all types of books
  • Design of annual reports
  • Design of various types of publications


Obviously, anyone can take a picture. However, taking a one-of-akind photograph whose impression lasts a lifetime and fulfills the most demanding expectations of customers requires a highly experienced and trained artistic eye. Desert Publisher’s team of highly skilled professional photographers is armed with the latest in digital photography cameras and equipment. The team of photography experts can produce the highest quality photographs to document any type of project.

They are experienced in selecting the precise scene, view and shot from a multitude of photographs that are optimally matched to the project at hand. The exclusive photographs that are provided for each project ensure the production of high-quality publications based on the specifications of each customer.

Editing/Translation/Arabic Calligraphy

Any text produced by Desert Publisher is always unique and innovative, prepared by an experienced team of writers, researchers, editors, proof readers and translators. They produce original highly researched and well-formulated texts for each project individually. Their output, including books, annual reports, company profiles, digital contents and much more, undergoes several revision and editing cycles until it fully satisfies the ardent requirements of the customers.

Desert Publisher also offers high-quality translation service by native speakers of Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. All translations are carefully prepared keeping the content and tone of the original texts to create copy that is optimized in terms of syntax, style, and cultural relevance in any language.

Desert Publishers also adds an artistic touch to its publications by outstanding elements of Arabic calligraphy that are suited to the spirit of the work at hand. This embellishment underscores the message and informative value of various publications in an artful way.

Production of books and annual reports

Desert Publisher is proud to be among the leading publishers of documentary illustrated books in Saudi Arabia. Based on its strong portfolio and extensive expertise in this area, its services are in great demand among customers who want to document the success of their projects and business endeavors as a resource and treasury of information for the future of their.

In line with this expertise, Desert Publisher also offers the complete production and preparation cycle of annual reports for companies and organizations (involving research, editing, design, production, and printing) based on its comprehensive knowledge and vision customized individually for every customers.