From business card size till Extra large 36 X 66 cm Paper size
Printing speed: A4 – 8250 sheets/hour, A3 – 4500 sheets/hour Printing speed
2400x 2400 dpi Resolution
200,000 to 3,750,00 sheets/month Output capacity
60 gsm to higher than 350 gsm weight Paper weight
Full color calibration management Colors

Advance Digital Printing

Beautiful pictures and creative writing deserve only the best printing and binding. At Desert Publisher every project is treated as an in dependent work of art that is given special care and attention in line with international quality standards. Desert Publisher is the proud owner of a Xerox iGen Press, which is the latest state-of-the-art innovation in digital printing distinguished by its high performance and cutting edge technology coupled with high speed and precision. Its technical specifications include:


At Desert Publisher, the success of a project does not end after the printing stage. The post-printing stage actually constitutes the added value and the ingenious touch that complete every project success fully. Desert Publisher proudly offers its customers the best technology found in Saudi Arabia as it is the only publishing house owning a complete set of the latest machinery and tools for book cutting, gluing and binding as well as cellophane coating and laminating equipment. Owning the necessary equipment does not automatically ensure high quality if it is not coupled with the skilled staff to operate it. At Desert
Publisher our employees are highly trained, skilled and experienced experts who guarantee the success of all projects at all levels.