Below is the list of our new books.

JanadriaMohammed Babelli, Mohammed Al-Qwuiee and Elisabeth Greenberg

The Janadriah Festival, held annually at Janadriah located at the outskirt of Riyadh, is a two-week celebration and showcase of overwhelming multitude of diverse and fascinating crafts, arts, music, customs, and traditions of Saudi Arabia.
This Festival challenges the sightseer's senses – whether sound, sight, touch, smell, or taste – demonstrating music that are played in traditional instruments, the sights of dancers and colorful handicrafts, uniquely crafted items, tastes of flavorful sweets and savory foods, the smell of sweet scent of roses, and the alluring aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.
This book, through its colorful pictures, will present the reader with a journey to the Festival itself while filling their imagination with Saudi Arabia's noble heritage and its glorious past, connecting the country's past with its promising future.

Mada'in SalehMohammed Babelli

Arabic Edition

WindowsMohammed Babelli

Texts in English, German and French

This slim volume presents photographer Mohammed Babelli's "bird's eye view" of the varied shapes and functions of windows in his native Saudi Arabia. With poetic text by Abdul Ghani Harran translated into English, French and German, Windows captures the many faces and moods of local windows.
Next to one photograph featuring a glass-walled enclosure framing a stately date palm just beyond, the sharp contrast between the outdoor culture of recent generations of Saudis and current modernity is captured in this verse by Harran: "Palm trees behind glass panes, upon our sigh blissfully rejoiced…beloved by my grandfather, blessed by my hands, their branches are an embroidered icon if my country."

DoorsMohammed Babelli

Texts in English, German and French

In this small pictorial, Saudi photographer Mohammed Babelli features images of doors in various, mostly historical settings.
A textual impression by Abdul Ghani Harran accompanies each photograph, translated from the original Arabic into English, French and German. Old Saudi wooden doors are often preserved and collected as works of art due to their distinctive style and construction.
On the back cover of the book, Harran writes: "You, the doors of our ancestors, our culture, our roots, our pride. It seems as if we see you opening your hearts to justice, glory, truth, and honor. All we have left are your memories. Farewell."