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JanadriaMohammed Babelli, Mohammed Al-Qwuiee and Elisabeth Greenberg

The Janadriah Festival, held annually at Janadriah located at the outskirt of Riyadh, is a two-week celebration and showcase of overwhelming multitude of diverse and fascinating crafts, arts, music, customs, and traditions of Saudi Arabia.
This Festival challenges the sightseer's senses – whether sound, sight, touch, smell, or taste – demonstrating music that are played in traditional instruments, the sights of dancers and colorful handicrafts, uniquely crafted items, tastes of flavorful sweets and savory foods, the smell of sweet scent of roses, and the alluring aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.
This book, through its colorful pictures, will present the reader with a journey to the Festival itself while filling their imagination with Saudi Arabia's noble heritage and its glorious past, connecting the country's past with its promising future.

Mada'in SalehMohammed Babelli

This fascinating tabletop book explores some of the most unique destinations in the northwestern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi photographer Mohammed Babelli presents us with historical information and vivid photographic images of three main sites: the ancient city of Mada'in Saleh, the oasis of Al-Ula, and the Hejaz Railway.
Mada'in Saleh represents one of the earliest examples of pre-Islamic society in Saudi Arabia, and features about eighty monumental tombs dating back to between 1 BC and 75 AD. Al-Ula was a strategic location along the ancient trade route that connected the south of the Arabian peninsula with both Egypt and Syria. The Hejaz railway was built in the early 20th Century to carry pilgrims to Mecca and Madinah from areas north of the Kingdom.
Babelli completes this impressive volume with a section containing strong images of natural and nomadic life in one of the world's most mysterious nations.

Mada'in SalehMohammed Babelli

Arabic Edition

Mada'in SalehMohammed Babelli

Text in French, Dutch, Spanish

Saudi ArabiaMohammed Babelli

Text in English, French, German and Spanish

Saudi Arabia is a nation of contrasts: modern cities and tribal villages, breathtaking seas and unforgiving deserts, rich cultural history and high-tech leader. In this pictorial journal, Saudi photographer Mohammed Babelli shows us the many faces of a fascinating country.
Babelli describes his inspiration as being "the extraordinary panorama of Saudi Arabia…each little fishing village, each oasis community, each mountain village has created its own beauty – in its buildings, is people, its art, and its culture. This is the Saudi Arabia that I want to share with you as we journey through the Kingdom, from shore to shore, from valley to mountaintop, from dawn to dusk."
This is a journey worth taking, as Babelli's photographs guide us gently away from media stereotypes to illustrate the surprisingly accessible realities of a proud people.

Saudi ArabiaMohammed Babelli

Arabic Edition

Saudi ArabiaMohammed Babelli

Text in Asian Languages

Saudi Arabia Mohammed Babelli

Text in Russian Language

Rub Al Khali–Empty QuarterDr. Abdulaziz Al Obaida, Mohammed Babelli and Elisabeth Greenberg

This breathtaking pictorial takes us on a journey through one of the least-known, most forbidding terrains in the world: the Rub Al Khali, known by many as the "Empty Quarter." As Saudi photographers Mohammed Babelli and Dr. Abdulaziz Al Obaida prove to us page after page, however, we find that the Rub Al Khali is far from "empty;" it contains an almost dizzying palate of colors, textures, life forms and moments of elemental natural wonder.
Chronicling their rare, full-scale expedition around the portion of the Rub Al Khali contained within the Saudi Arabian borders, the photographers offer us a rare view of the Empty Quarter in all of its stark beauty and imposing geography.

Sand WhispersMohammed Babelli

Texts in English, German and French

Text by Abdul Ghani Harran accompanies the striking photographic images of Saudi photographer Mohammed Babelli in this tribute to the beauty and diversity of the Saudi Arabian desert. On one page, two conical desert blooms rise up from red desert sands.
"A struggle for the sake of life," says Harran, who also describes the rippling contours of a sand dune as "a braid resting on the chest of time." Text is translated into English, French and German.

WindowsMohammed Babelli

Texts in English, German and French

This slim volume presents photographer Mohammed Babelli's "bird's eye view" of the varied shapes and functions of windows in his native Saudi Arabia. With poetic text by Abdul Ghani Harran translated into English, French and German, Windows captures the many faces and moods of local windows.
Next to one photograph featuring a glass-walled enclosure framing a stately date palm just beyond, the sharp contrast between the outdoor culture of recent generations of Saudis and current modernity is captured in this verse by Harran: "Palm trees behind glass panes, upon our sigh blissfully rejoiced…beloved by my grandfather, blessed by my hands, their branches are an embroidered icon if my country."

DoorsMohammed Babelli

Texts in English, German and French

In this small pictorial, Saudi photographer Mohammed Babelli features images of doors in various, mostly historical settings.
A textual impression by Abdul Ghani Harran accompanies each photograph, translated from the original Arabic into English, French and German. Old Saudi wooden doors are often preserved and collected as works of art due to their distinctive style and construction.
On the back cover of the book, Harran writes: "You, the doors of our ancestors, our culture, our roots, our pride. It seems as if we see you opening your hearts to justice, glory, truth, and honor. All we have left are your memories. Farewell."

Visitor's Guide to Madain SalehMohammed Babelli

This booklet provides an historical overview, physical guide and practical assistance for those wishing to visit one of the most important historical sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The
introduction tells us that Madain Saleh was “designated by UNESCO as the first World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia in 2008” and that it was “a well-known center of commerce for two centuries.”  Madain Saleh provides a fascinating study of the Kingdom’s pre-Islamic history, and this guide will help you to make the most of your visit.
The contents include a trip planner, accommodation and eating guide, a glossary of useful Arabic words and phrases, and a page for notes .

Facts About Swine Flu H1N1 (Arabic) Dr. Doha Mehmood Babelli

Mada'in Saleh Post CardsMohammed Babelli

Holy Mosque Post CardsMohammed Babelli

Saudi Arabia Post CardsMohammed Babelli