Rub Al Khali–Empty QuarterDr. Abdulaziz Al Obaida, Mohammed Babelli and Elisabeth Greenberg

This breathtaking pictorial takes us on a journey through one of the least-known, most forbidding terrains in the world: the Rub Al Khali, known by many as the "Empty Quarter." As Saudi photographers Mohammed Babelli and Dr. Abdulaziz Al Obaida prove to us page after page, however, we find that the Rub Al Khali is far from "empty;" it contains an almost dizzying palate of colors, textures, life forms and moments of elemental natural wonder.
Chronicling their rare, full-scale expedition around the portion of the Rub Al Khali contained within the Saudi Arabian borders, the photographers offer us a rare view of the Empty Quarter in all of its stark beauty and imposing geography.