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Mada'in SalehMohammed Babelli

This fascinating tabletop book explores some of the most unique destinations in the northwestern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi photographer Mohammed Babelli presents us with historical information and vivid photographic images of three main sites: the ancient city of Mada'in Saleh, the oasis of Al-Ula, and the Hejaz Railway.
Mada'in Saleh represents one of the earliest examples of pre-Islamic society in Saudi Arabia, and features about eighty monumental tombs dating back to between 1 BC and 75 AD.
Al-Ula was a strategic location along the ancient trade route that connected the south of the Arabian peninsula with both Egypt and Syria. The Hejaz railway was built in the early 20th Century to carry pilgrims to Mecca and Madinah from areas north of the Kingdom.
Babelli completes this impressive volume with a section containing strong images of natural and nomadic life in one of the world's most mysterious nations.