General Overview

Desert Publisher is a specialized Saudi Arabian publishing house. Established in 2008, it filled the niche of a publisher for illustrated books about Saudi Arabia, which had been urgently needed for quite some time. Desert Publisher is the Kingdom’s first publishing house specialized in illustrated documentary books that provide details about the country’s fascinating natural and historical sites, document its cultural development, and highlight its rich heritage and civilization. At Desert Publisher, all original publications are produced employing the latest state-of-the-art technologies and in compliance with the highest international standards for the publishing and printing sector.

Based on its pioneering and contemporary approach, Desert Publisher has developed a comprehensive range of publishing and printing services that were specifically developed and tailored to the sophisticated requirements of its customers. Based on its strategy of presenting its various original publications and specialized services to an international audience while staying ahead of all new developments in the sector, Desert Publisher regularly participates in and attends local and international book fairs such as the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the Jeddah International Book Fair, the Riyadh International Book Fair, and many others.